About Brogren

Brogren Industries

Brogren Industries has its roots in the Swedish engineering industry, at that time known as LB:s Mekaniska Verkstad. The company is still owned by the Brogren family but has been passed on to the second generation of the Brogren family. Within the last few years, the family has withdrawn its operational interest in the company and Brogren Industries is today managed by a contract Managing Director and his management team.

The premises is owned by the company and has been customized and modernized to fit the current purpose and requirements of the business and is, as was from the beginning, localized in the city of Älvängen, municipal of Ale.

Today, Brogren Industries is an experienced technological company where process control and quality assurance remain key factors in continued our success.

Our core values of productivity, quality and development make up a legacy that assures Brogren will continue lead the industry in specialized machined parts, while working towards a long term relationship with every customer.

Welcome to the world of Brogren Industries.

We are proud to present our new website and announce that LB:s Mekaniska Verkstad I Älvängen has changed its name to Brogren Industries AB, more commonly known as Brogren.