A growth story in the municipally of Ale

From LB:s Mekaniska Verkstad to Brogren Industries

The Garage

The company was founded in 1963 by Lars Brogren and the operation was located in his garage. The first employee was hired in 1965. After a few years of working out of the garage it became apparent that with a growing business and more employees, there was a real need for a new and bigger location.

Five years after starting, a new location was acquired which soon turned out to be too small. Pasture land was purchased to build a new production facility. By 1982 the new facility was ready for operation with an option for further expansion.

That same year a transition to the next generation of Brogren started when Lars’ son Magnus began working in the company. After some years of working side by side with his children, it was time for Lars to step down and yield control of the business to Magnus and Marie.

Half a Century Later

Today, the daily operation is lead by a contract managing director and his management team. Magnus and Marie continue as board members supporting the management team and keeping the long term strategy of the business in focus.

At the present time there are approximately 100 employees at Brogren.  After several facility upgrades in new personnel areas and work environmental improvements, the premises today are perfectly suited for full operation. 

Also, during the last few years, more than 70 million SEK has been invested in new machines and equipment to meet future demand for the complex product requirements from customers within our three business divisions.

The Business

Brogren’s business scope includes project management, product development and cutting machinery including TIG and laser welding.

Our entire operation is structured using a business management system that is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 3834-2 AS9100 standards.  Brogrens is represented in the marketplace through its three manufacturing divisions, Parts, Gas Turbines and Aerospace.  Among our customers there are several multinational companies to be found; Siemens, Parker Hannifin, Wärtsilä and GKN Aerospace.


The common denominator for Brogrens growth and success is our consistent quality work.  Much time consuming effort has been invested to map and maintain our industry methods.  This has resulted in giving Brogrens the ability to produce reliable and high quality products, including business and manufacturing processes for continuous improvement and preventive action.

The Future

Brogrens looks forward to an exciting future competing in the global market. The first step to prepare our company to expand our customer base was visible when we changed our company name from LB;s Mekaniska Verkstad I Älvängen AB to Brogren Industries.  Our name change has already had a positive impact with our international customers.