Gas Turbine

Gas Turbines is Brogren Industries’ largest business division.  This division uses the latest technology and equipment, combined with all of the company’s industrial knowledge and expertise to produce components for Gas Turbines.

The development of the Gas Turbine Division is a result of Brogrens long cooperation with Siemens Turbomachinery. This association has made Siemens the largest customer of Brogren Industries and has allowed us to become a leader in production of parts for gas turbines.

In addition to our state of the art machine shop, Brogrens uses the latest TIG and Laser welding equipment. We also employ highly trained and skilled machinists, thus creating an efficient and well defined manufacturing process.

Brogren Industries has also assembled a specialized management team that is able to offer our customers innovative solutions to product and concept designs, using the latest technology. This team also works in cooperation with our customers to improve their current projects and help in the development of future products and applications.

For more information or to schedule a tour of Brogren’s manufacturing facility, please contact our Program Managers.

Gas turbine

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