Within the Parts division we have brought together all of the company’s knowledge and experience from decades of producing custom parts for Swedish industry.

The development of the Parts division is based on experience from the beginning of Brogren’s history. The key factor in the manufacturing of all products produced by Brogren is hardened steel alloys, complex geometry and quality requirements. This combination gives Brogren Industries the ability to improve or develop new products for our customers.

Because of the high standards and requirements of our customers, we have had the opportunity to continuously upgrade our equipment while increasing our knowledge and skills.

We prefer to join with our customers in the beginning of their product development cycle, where we can contribute our technical knowledge of the production process.

The best way to begin your next project would be to allow Brogren to demonstrate our plan for compliance and production to your company’s specific requirements.

Brogren currently collaborates with a number of major players in the market, including Parker Hannifin, Wärtsilä, Rosemount and Presens.

For more information or to schedule a tour of Brogren’s manufacturing facility, please contact our Program Managers.


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