Investing new machinery

We have now invested in two pieces of 5-axis DMC 65 / RS3 machines from DMGMORI Sweden AB. The machines are of the monoblock type. The two are numbers 14 and 15 that we buy from DMGMORI, all in the 5-axis version.
– We have a high level of order intake, so our decision to invest is natural, says Magnus Brogren. We chose the same supplier, much depends on the wide range of 5-axis machines that DMGMORI have. With these two machines we will have 5 different models and sizes, all 5-axis versions.
– Customers place high demands on quality, so we have put a lot of energy on improving the skills of our staff. We have also implemented many certifications required to be at this level. We are as an example one of the few companies certified to manufacture components for the aerospace industry, which we are especially proud of, concludes Magnus.

ny maskin DMC 65

Updated 10 January, 2017 at 11:59 under News.
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