A well defined manufact­u­ring process

Our competencies are at its strongest in complex and high demanding jobs, whether it’s within geometrics or material compositing. All of our processes are certified and quality assured, which has cemented us as an established contractor within aerospace.

The development of the aerospace

Our journey started in 2012 with certification and qualification towards the specifications of AS9100.
These Quality assured processes has cemented Brogren Industries as an established contractor within aerospace, with costumers such as GKN and Saab.

Sky high collaborations

Working with GKN has given us the ability to meet our customers needs and demands, developed our knowledge within the complexities of manufacturing a product, and focused our ability to produce with optimal precision. We’ve also qualified and developed special processes in regards to our work.

Brogren uses the latest TIG

In our compositing process at GKN, we utilize our competency with advanced laser welding. We’ve aslo developed a process for sheet metal forming and compositing, where the materials unique properties are combined in a simulation as to have a reliable production.