Gas turbines

Our biggest business division

Gas turbines are Brogren Industries biggest division. Within this division the company gathers all its knowledge about industrial gas turbines.

The development of gas turbines

We execute advanced processing of stainless and nickel based ligatures, for which we’ve developed a reliable process of combining the materials through Laser and TIG-welding. Brogren have been a supplier to Siemens since 1996, to whom we currently deliver finished products directly.

Working with Siemens has given us

Working with Siemens has given us the ability to meet our customers needs and demands, which has taught us to produce with optimal precision. Brogren Industries have developed reliable processes for complex challenges regarding material compositing.

Brogren uses the latest TIG

In our compositing process for Siemens we utilise our knowledge in advanced welding with lasers. We’ve aslo developed a process for sheet metal forming and compositing, where the materials unique properties are combined in a simulation as to have a reliable production.


Gas turbines

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